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Mike Auldridge Estate (Fwd from Beard Guitars)

Foward from Beard Guitars:


Just wanted to inform the community  that on behalf of the Mike Auldridge family we have begun to list equipment for the estate on ebay.  The seller name is "beardguitars".

Presently we have listed electronics.

We will list "major" instruments (including Mike's primary performance MAS's) after labor day.

100% of the sales  goes to the Auldridge family.

Thanks from all of us here and Mike's friends and family.

Beard Guitars

Mike, Jerry & Rob CD Update

For those of you that don't frequent the Jerry Douglas Bulletin Board, here's the latest from JD on the CD we've all been waiting for:


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Silver Threads Among the Gold

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Here is the first of my son Danny Booth's video clips from the Mike Auldridge Tribute show at the Birchmere. Jerry and Rob play one of the songs from the new album with Mike, just the three of them.

Mike Auldridge Tribute Concert, Birchmere

Mike Auldridge’s elegant musicianship forever changed the sound of the Dobro in American roots music. With the Seldom Scene, Chesapeake and others, he starred on hundreds of Birchmere evenings, and his death on Dec. 28, 2012 marked the passing of one of the DC area’s greatest creators, most influential players, and most cherished friends.

Some of Auldridge’s own cherished friends will gather Wednesday, Feb. 12
at The Birchmere for a night one more unforgettable night of Mike
Auldridge music. Jerry Douglas, Emmylou Harris, David Bromberg, Rob
Ickes, John Starling, Tom Gray, The Seldom Scene and other greats will
sing and play songs and praises.

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