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Hi Folks,

I am pleased to announce the release of the first four lessons in my Download Lesson Series. Here is a sample of Salt Creek. Included in the download is a HD Video, TAB, MP3 of the performance and Jam Tracks (real instruments, not band in a box). I'll be posting more lessons every month. Check out my website for more details. www.mikewitcher.com



Mike Witcher & Ryan Cavanaugh - Salt Creek

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Hey Yall,

Here's a video I made with my buddy Ryan Cavanaugh. This was the first time we played together. We had a lot of fun!


N. Texas-S. Oklahoma Mike Witcher Workshop

I'm wanting to try to get Mike to Fly in and put on workshop if I can get enough interest. We don't have a date yet but would like to shoot for mid to late Feb. also, I'm taking suggestions on a location and venue, If you would like to attend or have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with me. Thanks

ResoSummit highlights & thanks

Hard to believe that ResoSummit 2012 is over.

Highights for me:
All the Station Inn shows -- I'm still hopeful that 100% of my hearing will return from that killer show by Randy Kohrs, Jack Pearson & Friends. Randy was definitely on fire, and it's always great to see/hear Josh Shilling on keys & vocals. Jack Pearson was unbelievable. Monroeville was high-octane bluegrass, and it was great to present them in their Station Inn debut. And as for that performance by Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst -- well, there are no words in the English language adequate to describe that phenomenal performance.

The closing faculty performance -- loved it all, and it was a beautiful thing to have Michael Witcher's gorgeous take on Roxanna Waltz as the last song of ResoSummit 2012.

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