Mike Witcher

(Mike Witcher's) Scheerhorn L Body #404-A, Spruce Top, Maple Back/Sides - SOLD

I am the original owner of this fine instrument.  I recorded and toured with this guitar exclusively from 2003-2008. It’s beautiful warm tone can be heard on hundreds of recordings ranging from Sara Watkins to Dwight Yoakam. The combination of Maple and Spruce gives this guitar the punch and brightness needed to cut through a bluegrass band along with smooth highs and a rich warm mid-range for a rounder “darker” tone.   Having spent 5 years on the road and in the studio this guitar has accumulated a good number of dings and scratches. This is the best sounding Scheerhorn I have had the pleasure of playing. Needles to say I hate to let this guitar go. Having spent the last 4 months off the road to stay home with my wife and new baby I need to part ways with my old friend to support the family.

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The Sound You Hear In Your Head

In the for sale thread for the 2004 maple 'horn, Greg Booth expressed the sentiment that his favorite period of JerryD in terms of sound was the "Scheerhorn Era."

This got me to thinking of my personal holy grail search (within certain budgetary parameters) for a new special flattop, and why I have settled on a Martin from their Custom Shop. There are obviously all kinds of great "regular" acoustic guitars out there, from larger companies, to smaller "boutique" operations along the lines of Collings, Huss & Dalton, or Bourgeois and the many one man (or woman) luthier operations.

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Mike W on XM

So I look on my XM radio in the car today to see who is playing some fine slidey country blues, and it's Mike Witcher playing a song called "Dobro Country".  It's off the album "Southern Filibuster - the Songs of Tut Taylor", seen it talked about but hadn't picked it up yet.  Mighty fine Mike!

Daddy Mike Witcher

Just saw that Mike and his wife Margie have a son named Theodore I. Witcher..  Congratulations Mike!  Now the fun stuff starts!!  Enjoy my friend for it slips by much too quickly.......Wink

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