Orville Johnson

ResoSummit 2011

I got to Nashville yesterday evening and am patting myself on the back for allowing an extra day to recoup from the long travel day and adjust to the time change. I left Alaska Tues night after midnight, stopped in Seattle, Oakland, San Diego and finally arrived in Nashville at around 7 pm the next day. My new friend and fellow steeler from Edmonton, Bob Blair, picked me up in style in a rented BMW, got our stuff situated and then prowled Broadway for some live music, it was a blast! We found this high energy retro country band with a wildman slapping the upright bass!

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First Resosummit question

This will be my first summit. Anybody that's been there before, are there any workshops that you would consider can't miss or just your personal favorites? Thanks in advance.

Orville Johnson- I Cover the Waterfront

3:50 minutes (3.52 MB)

Here's another tune from the project I'm working on with my friend Casey McGill. It's mostly 30s Hawaiian stuff but this is a song from the same period that we did with the Hapa-Haole vibe and it works pretty well. Casey is singing and playing resonator uke, I'm on my Rayco Stage DeLuxe Hawaiian guitar and using a dash of Omnichord for the sparkles at the front and end.

Orville Johnson demoing Lollar Steel Pickup

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I think there is some steel guitar interest in the ResoNation so I thought I'd throw this video up for your consideration. I'm demoing Jason Lollar's version of the 50s Supro string-thru pickup and it sounds killer. I have an original pickup of this type in one of my Supro steels and I can testify that Jason's recreation sounds just as good if not better. Beautiful clean tone if you roll back the volume and when you crank it- instant David Lindley!

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