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Dobro Wkshop in Maine this summer

Hey Dobropals in the New England/East Coast zone, I'm teaching at a guitar workshop that is offering dobro for the first time so I'm hoping some of y'all might be disposed to come. It's in Bar Harbor, Maine and the details are here.


I've described the course but I'll make any adjustments necessary to make sure everybody gets what they need.

Excellent City Paper article on Dave Giegerich + Upcoming Shows

From Baltimore City Paper today, in part to publicize two upcoming Dave Giegerich memorial shows (April 29, Creative Alliance at the Patterson, and June 19, Birchmere).  The article also includes a wonderful description of Dave Giegerich's memorial service, his, life, and his music. Great quotes from Mike Auldridge and Pam McLeod.  ResoSummit is very grateful to have had two wonderful years with Dave's participation, and articles like this help preserve his memory for all of us.

Original article is here:  http://citypaper.com/music/the-slide-man-1.1137713

The Slide Man:  Versatile, joyous musician Dave Giegerich remembered through a pair of memorial shows

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OrvilleJohnson- I Wonder Where My Hula Girl Has Gone

2:49 minutes (2.58 MB)

A bit of the tropics for you reso-nationals. I started working on a project recently with a friend of mine named Casey McGill. He has a great band called the Blue 4 Trio that does lots of cool 30s swing and jazz but we were talking one day about 30s pop Hawaiian music ( the genre is Hapa-Haole) and turns out he loves to sing it. So we decided to work on a CD with that style. Here's a song we just got all the parts together on and we're feeling good about the vibe. Casey is playing reso-uke and singing and I'm playing archtop rhythm guitars, bass, and my Rayco Stage DeLuxe Hawaiian acoustic jumbo guitar, which is totally made for this kind of music. Recorded at my house. Check it out...oj

Something (a meditation)-Orville johnson

3:00 minutes (2.74 MB)

This is something I just did and thought i'd share with you. I talk in my classes about using concepts of singing to enhance your dobro playing and I know MikeW has done workshops at ResoSummit on analyzing different singers characteristics and bringing some of that into your dobro playing. I was surfing youTube and came across a bunch of Beatles tunes where certain tracks had been isolated and it was interesting to hear. I ripped one of the B3organ and orchestra track from the song Something, dumped it into ProTools, made a sloppy edit of the beginning of the tune from the album so I'd know where to start,and then tried to imitate the phrasing and timing of the vocal melody as closely as I could (also copped the guitar solo for fun).

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