Orville Johnson

What did you learn at ResoSummit?

Was wondering what kind of new and interesting things you brought back from ResoSummit.  Would love to hear about techniques, hints, inspiration, things to work on, etc. that you gained from your trip to Nashville.


I got my email from rob about the upcomming summit,, cant wait,, I am bumming that Mike Auldridge and Andy Hall wont be there this year! Mike is my Reso idle and was the highlight of my summit last year, will miss his humor, and andy was a Great teacher,, I am looking forward to curtis burch, lou wamp,(killer player)  megan lovell and orville,, and all the other teachers,,,

only a few months,,,



Orville Johnson-Misterioso

9:45 minutes (8.93 MB)

This is a Thelonius Monk tune. It's a live recording from a radio show, Sonarchy, on KEXP-FM in Seattle that usually focuses on avant-garde, outside style jazz. They asked me to do a show and I did some more regular tunes but felt the need to touch on some wacky noise jazz as well. Players are me playing my Guernsey, John Miller on guitar, Paul Elliot on fiddle, and Keith Lowe on bass. I actually cut this down to fit here on reso-nation. The original is 15 minutes long and has a lot more sound exploration leading up to the tune but I needed to cut it to 10MB so I axed about 4 minutes of sound sculpture to pick it up closer to the tune. Its in Bb, no capos.

Orville Johnson-Shenandoah

5:24 minutes (7.43 MB)

I think I tried to post this once before but something effed up and it didn't work. This is from David Lange's CD Almost Home. David is a great recording engineer and a heckuva accordion player. I'm playing my Guernsey dobro and rhythm guitar on my Santa Cruz OM-45. Cary Black is on bass and David is playing accordion and piano. Beautiful song and this version came out right nice.

Disabling downloads cuz its not my album.

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