Orville Johnson

Greg Booth and Orville Johnson at Wintergrass

Greg Booth and Orville Johnson at Wintergrass

Here's a photo of Greg Booth, Greg's son Dan and OJ during the Resomania Workshop at Wintergrass 2009. Yes, that new 'Horn of Greg's sounds great and is quite the good looker in person.

Lot's of fun and an opportunity to see and hear from from some of the great Northwest pickers. Thanks again to Tom Foote for putting together the event.

Orville Johnson-So What

6:26 minutes (5.9 MB)

This is a live concert cut that I did with pianist Tom Kellock, bassist Garey Shelton, and drummer Mark Ivester. I'm playing lap steel. It's my Supro with the string-thru pickup thru my Anderson amp with a touch of delay added. The Supro is a long scale ax so it feels similar to my dobros to play. The song is, of course, from the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue. A little slidey jazz for a Sunday afternoon.

2 Workshops at River City Fest in Portland OR Jan 10-11

I'll be giving workshops on Saturday and Sunday next weekend at the River City Bluegress Fest in Portland OR. They'll be at 12:30PM each day. Since they're only scheduled for an hour the format will be mostly question and answer so think about what it is you most need to know and I can help you with and bring your questions. I'm fine with audio recording the workshop but no video please. I might be available for a few private lessons on Saturday afternoon too. If you're interested in that shoot me an email and we'll see what could happen...oj

Orville Johnson- Naima

4:34 minutes (5.24 MB)

Late night, snowbound in Seattle, thought i'd throw this out for your consideration. I think I tried to post this a long time ago when the file sizes were smaller and it was too big. Anyway, it's a cut from my someday to be released duet CD, this one with Susan Pascal on vibraphone and me on my Guernsey. The song is a beauty from John Coltrane. It's in Eb and i play the melody in G tuning but lowered my low B to Bb and low G to Eb so I could imitate the pedal tones that the bass player plays on Coltrane's recording during Susan's solo.

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