Phil Leadbetter

Rob and Phil !!!!!!

Phil Leadbetter's health announcement

From Phil Leadbetter's Facebook, posted yesterday:

Bad news today from the doctor. I've been sick for a couple months now, and have been seeing a cancer doctor. I was told today that it looks pretty sure I have Lymphoma. Got to have surgery in a couple of weeks to remove some nodes to see which type of cancer it is. I know in the end I'll be OK. Please keep my family in your prayers. Especially Lisa and Matt. I hate putting them through this.

Phil Leadbetter Master Class @ Joe Val Festival

Uncle Phil Leadbetter will be at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival (Boston area) February 18-19. He'll play The Whites Saturday night, and on Friday he's offering a 4-hour master class. Contact Phil directly at (or on FaceBook) for more information and to register.

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