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My new Tony Francis Weissenborn

To fans of the Weissenborn guitar:

Here are some photos of old growth air-dried koa that I've picked out for my new Weissenborn guitar which is being made by New Zealand based luthier Tony Francis. If you are not already familiar with Tony's work and/or interested in learning more about Weissenborn guitars I highly recommend taking a look at his blog - Tony is a boutique guitar manufacturer and vintage guitar repairman, specializing in Hawaiian slide guitars. There’s a really cool section posted there detailing the restoration of a vintage teardrop Weissenborn guitar that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Old Dangerfield

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My crooked version of a great tune by Bill Monroe. Free tabs available at my website.

Pick Blocking Technique

Hi Everyone:

I recently purchased new software from Adobe which makes it possible to embed mp3 and video clips into PDF documents. For my maiden voyage using this software I put together a few ideas and exercises on pick blocking technique. Check it out at my website



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