Rob Ickes

Molly and Tenbrooks, Sam Bush and the Scruggs Family Band w Rob Ickes and friends

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The Earl Scruggs Center presents: Remembering Earl: Music & Stories


Sam Bush & The Scruggs Family Band (Rob Ickes, Randy Scruggs, Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Gary Scruggs, Jim Mills and John Gardner)

Stunning 1080p HD video! Not quite so stunning audio quality. Hopefully another video will be mixed with the board audio. Still great though!

Mike Auldridge with Rob Ickes & Andy Statman

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Mike will always be my favorite Dobro player. His elegance and taste and musicanship were tied to a poet's sensibility.

New Blue Highway: The Game

So we're driving home to Boston from a gig in Providence late last night (early this morning) with Sirius - Bluegrass Junction on the radio, and I hear a Blue Highway song I've never heard before. Just beautiful, with Shawn singing, blended instruments in the background, kind of a new sound for BH. Then Rob takes a break and WOW, a beautiful laid-back (but really rich) solo, plus some great fills. The song is All The Things You Do, and it turns out that the album they've been working on is finished. Where's the buzz? Nothing on the band's site, but I see from BG Today that the album, The Game is scheduled for release next week. I'll be waiting at iTunes. Just what we need this time of year!

Tips & Tricks for those attending Resosummit

I thought I'd start a discussion with some tips and tricks I've picked up from attending previous Resosummits. Please add your advice and experience as you like.

  • Talk to everybody! I haven't been bitten once at Resosummit.
  • Stay hydrated. There will be water machines in the lobby and elsewhere.
  • If you need a break, there are plenty of dining options a very short walk away. I like the San Antonio Taco Company because it's fast and cheap. The Mellow Mushroom has good pizza.
  • Diagonally across the street from the Station Inn is the Turnip Truck Natural Market, sort of a Whole Foods type grocery and deli. They have very good food and are a good choice for a fast meal before the Station Inn (unless you prefer the pizza at the Station Inn). There's also a frozen yogurt shop in that same complex.

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