Rob Ickes

Stillhouse Road: Julie Lee

This is usually described as an Americana CD. You can purchase it from Julie's website,, and listen to a couple of samples. I recommend listening to the title track Stillhouse Road.

Julie wrote all 12 songs on this CD.

This CD has performances by Rob Ickes, Dave Pomeroy, Dave Peterson, Alison Krauss, Larry Franklin, Kenny Hutson, Pat McGrath, Pat McInerney, Tammy Rodgers, Richard McLaurin, Jonathan Yudkin, and Vince Gill.

Blue Highway @ The Station Inn

Hey all who are interested....

According to the Station Inn website, Blue Highway will be there at 9:00 p.m. on February 5, 2005. Any time I have a chance to see Rob Ickes I grab it. The band put on a tremendous show there in February of this year. All you "resoers" near Nashville try to make it. Maybe we can somehow figure out how to recognize each other.

O Store Gud - How Great Thou Art - Aloha Oe

These three songs are very similar. In fact 'O Store Gud' must be the same song as 'How Great Thou Art'. Perhaps 'O Store Gud' is another lanuage translated to 'How Great Thou Art'. Does anyone know?

'Aloha Oe' I'm told is a Hawaiian classic written by the last queen of Hawaii before her government was overthrown.

'How Great ...' was written in 1951 and I can't find a date for 'Aloha Oe'.

I've heard great versions on the dobro, seems to my ears to be best on the dobro.

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