Rob Ickes

Alan Jackson Way Beyond the Blue

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Real Bluesy stuff coming out of Rob's 'Horn.

Alan Jackson. The Bluegrass Album...

...features some amazing playing by Rob Ickes. I just got my copy, listening to it now. It was recorded over two days in one room with all the musicians. It really has the feel of a live album but without the cheering and applause.

Pickers are

Sammy Shelor: Banjo
Tim Dishman: Bass
Rob Ickes: Dobro
Tim Crouch: Fiddle
Scott Coney: Guitar
Adam Steffey: Mandolin
Ronnie Bowman: Vocals
Don Rigsby: Vocals

Wall Street Journal Article on Alan Jackson (and Rob Ickes) by Barry Mazor

This is a nice article by Barry Mazor in the Wall Street Journal about Alan Jackson's new CD "Bluegrass" featuring Rob Ickes among others. Well worth a read.

Jerry Douglas, Andy Hall at ResoSummit 2013

ResoSummit is happy to announce two additions to this year's Summit.  

Jerry Douglas will be performing the opening show at the Station Inn, in a duo performance with Rob Ickes. (Schedule permitting, he'll also come by ResoSummit on Friday, but we can't confirm that at this time.)

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