Rob Ickes

Rockygrass? Rayco built the 1st place prize. Blue Highway. The Earls of Leicester. Gospel Chrome.

Whos going to Rockygrass? I will be there simply hanging out for the weekend.  Rayco built the first prize guitar for the dobro contest this yearImage.

Excited to see The Earls of Leicester. i didnt know anything about that project till earlier toady . and the Gospel Chrome set with Jerry and Rob. gonna be a good weekend .  If you see me there come be sure to say hi, and expect to pick a couple.

Mike, Jerry & Rob CD Update

For those of you that don't frequent the Jerry Douglas Bulletin Board, here's the latest from JD on the CD we've all been waiting for:


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Rob Ickes on Niall Toner CD

We all know Rob is a great player, but you have to hear the new Niall Toner "Onwards and Upwards" CD. The "band" for most of the album is guitar, dobro, mando and bass. Even though the reso is almost omni-present everything Rob plays completely supports the songs and the singer and he's never in the way. It's not about hot licks - although they are ample - but about the tunes. What is amazing is that as much as he plays he never repeats himself. And every song is a winner and they're all different. The album sounds like an ensemble recording but it probably isn't. If you want to hear a lot of Rob Ickes at his best give it a listen.  

Silver Threads Among the Gold

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Here is the first of my son Danny Booth's video clips from the Mike Auldridge Tribute show at the Birchmere. Jerry and Rob play one of the songs from the new album with Mike, just the three of them.

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