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Stacy Phillips plays Coconut Grove

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Stacy Phillips minor chord


Alright, Dobro buddies, check this out: at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp last week, Stacy Phillips told me and Mike Witcher that he'd discovered the "holy grail of Dobro": how to play a full minor chord in G major tuning without slants or string pulls, without pushing down on any strings, and without open strings. He left me hanging for a couple of days and then showed me how to do it. No joke, it's entirely possible and, in fact, it's pretty easy--though using it smoothly in an arrangement would take some practice. Figuring this out was ingenious on Stacy's part; when you find out what it is, you won't believe it--it's been right in front of us all this time.

I helped name the technique, but I promised I wouldn't tell anyone how to do it. And I'd tell you the name, but it's too suggestive of the technique. Anyway, I think Stacy is about ready to unveil this to the Dobro world.....


Stacy Phillips - Blue Prelude

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Great Stuff! Enjoy! There's serveral others on YouTube.



Hi all this is probably a longshot but do any of you know anyone in the RI,Conn,mass area who gives reso lessons (intermediate /advanced) any help would be great. Hard to find in southern New England. 

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