ResoSummit 2010!

I hope this isn't too early, but I just got my confirmation email for next years ResoSummit!  I've been playing since May of this year, and getting on this list was something that I hoped to do. 

Anyone else on the list yet?

What did you learn at ResoSummit?

Was wondering what kind of new and interesting things you brought back from ResoSummit.  Would love to hear about techniques, hints, inspiration, things to work on, etc. that you gained from your trip to Nashville.

Thanks for the ResoSummit!

I just got back to my computer from a wonderful long weekend at ResoSummit.  This was about as much fun as I could stand to have with a resonator guitar.  There were too many highlights to mention, a great experience all the way around.  Public thanks to Rob Ickes, Dwight and Betty and all the people who taught and attended these workshops and concerts.

I'll be posting pictures later on when I return to San Francisco.

For those at Reso-Summit

If one of you guys could get some kind of consensus answer from the instructors on the topic discussed in the thread "fluid bar movement" that would be awesome.


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