Who else is excited about Resosummit this week? See ya'll down there!!



Peri- Resosummit gigs

A bit of info for Reso Summitters - Junior Brown is in The Station Inn on Wednsday Nov 4th . Lenord Cohen is in The Performing Arts Centre on Thursday. Also on Saturday The Issacs are in the Grand Old Opry at The Ryman (The early show - 7pm). Oh what choices to be made!




I got my email from rob about the upcomming summit,, cant wait,, I am bumming that Mike Auldridge and Andy Hall wont be there this year! Mike is my Reso idle and was the highlight of my summit last year, will miss his humor, and andy was a Great teacher,, I am looking forward to curtis burch, lou wamp,(killer player)  megan lovell and orville,, and all the other teachers,,,

only a few months,,,



Vote for Abbie! ("Mind of a Soldier")

Hey everyone:
All the ResoSummit alums know & love Abbie Gardner, a dobro player who has attended both years and provided the vocal support for all the "backing up a vocalist" workshops.  She's part of the amazing group, Red Molly, that you see on Americana-type playlists a lot.  She's got two cool bits of news to share, and I'm forwarding the message she sent me so you can see what she has to say in her own words. 
You can hear one of her original songs+dobro by clicking on the John Lennon Songwriting Contest link and voting in the folk category (you get links to the two competing songs at some point before the actual vote)  - then you can help her out by voting for her.


Hey Betty!  I have some good news I wanted to share with the Dobro peeps.  Is there a place I should post it?  I figured you'd know the best way to get word out.  :)

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