What Did You Learn At ResoSummit?

Last year we had a thread like this. So since no one started it yet, thought I would.

We all had an incredible time. A big part of it was to meet and hang with you all awesome folks. Driving energy for me is to soak up new ideas and to grow as a musician.

Jimmy Heffernan showed us some important points for standing with a reso. Of course it's different for everyone but, Reso slanting down with right arm pushing up on the strap really solidified my instrument. Also the strap on the left needs to be tight. Left hand always down - he puts a good amount pressure on his left hand, which never comes off the finger board.

He pointed out that many students are lifting their bars too much. I tip my bar a bit too much, so I'm working on keeping my bar flatter like Rob does.

Sally Van Meters pick blocking class was very helpful. (I think we have another thread on how to do it.) She is the queen of tone.

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Let's get ready for the ResoSummit! It's a great experience, but can be intense and a little overwhelming if you're not prepared. What is everone who's going hoping to accomplish? What will you try to focus on, what do you hope to take home from it? For those that went last year, what will you do differently this time? I'm hoping to nail down my choices for my new guitar, spend more time jamming, fewer meals in the cafeteriaYell, get helpful coaching on tone and recording and meet more of my RN friends. And enjoy some weather that's about 50 degrees warmer!

resosummit survey,, questions

I got the survey this morning! anyone attending last years could you comment on the survey.. as in , what were the best workshops,teachers, ect,,

what is a MUST DO and what not to do,, also order food on site, or go out,, Im staying on site,,

cant wait,, I might eve change strings before I go,, haha


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