Reso-Summit Openings???

Just wondering if you guys knew of anyway I might be able to get into Reso-Summit. This makes the 2nd year in a row it filled up before I could get in. Just curious...




A Viking at the Summit

Hey guys,


I just want to say that  I'm really excited right now, 'cause I'm going to the Reso Summit this year!

I guess I'm the only Norwegian there??, so be gentleLaughing

I'm really looking forward to see you guys, and to hear and learn from the best!



Look forward to old stories.

After reading the "South Park" posts, and I have never watched it, I got to thinking, now there's a thought, would be interesting to hear stories of the past; jams, festivals, get togethers, hilarious moments.
Goodness knows my dobro playing is enough to laugh about but that is another story.
Have not been playing long enough to generate any stories, least not ones I am going to relate, well all'right, I thought ya'all used three finger picks instead of two, but who knew.

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Reso Summit veterans

For us beginners that will be attending Reso Summitt, can you give us some advice on what we need to work on or how far advanced should we be as beginners to get the most out of the experience?
What are some of the basic beginner techniques that we should be fairly competent at in order to advance over the four day event?

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