ResoSummit website, with photo links

A website is now available for ResoSummit, with the group photo on the home page (high-res downloadable version to come), and a photo page with links to Adam Frehm's photo gallery and Wayne Langdon's Kodak album. If anyone else has ResoSummit photos online, send us a link and we'll include it on the photo page.


More pictures from ResoSummit

Perhaps there are some pics in here others haven't seen yet. Would've liked to seen more from others too.

Robert Duke

Andy Hall and the Infamous Stringdusters in NorCal

The 'Dusters with "professor" Hall played in Chico last night at Sierra Nevada. A little nicer venue than the Station Inn in Nashville where the ResoSummit concerts were held. Superb, as you can imagine. :D 8) Wore my ResoSummit t-shirt and even the bass player recognized it. Apologized for his "dobro jokes". Tain't nuthin funny about a dobro. Just fun. :wink:

Andy said they are playing tonight at the Palms in Winters, and then in Berkely. Do yourselves a favor and buy a bunch of tickets and take your family and friends. You won't be disappointed. :wink:

What I learned at ResoSummit . . .

Actually nothing, because I could not attend. It stings all the more to read the reports and see the photos, because I was registered, but had to cancel in August because of an irreconcilable conflict.

But what did you learn? Usually when I attend a workshop, I bring home one or two major concepts that I can focus on for the next several months to help pull me out of a rut or up to the next plateau.

Did you have any Eureka! moments at ResoSummit? Please share with the homebound . . .

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