What I learned at ResoSummit . . .

Actually nothing, because I could not attend. It stings all the more to read the reports and see the photos, because I was registered, but had to cancel in August because of an irreconcilable conflict.

But what did you learn? Usually when I attend a workshop, I bring home one or two major concepts that I can focus on for the next several months to help pull me out of a rut or up to the next plateau.

Did you have any Eureka! moments at ResoSummit? Please share with the homebound . . .

Portable Digital Recorder recommendations

O.K. Gang, just got back from ResoSummit and was going through my recordings and found that, as I feared I would at some point during the conference, I had bothched the recording of the Rob Ickes Jazz Workshop (with Andy Leftwich sitting in on Mando!). I was using a Korg PXR-4 which are difficult to tell whether you are recording or just monitoring a track. They work well when you are at home and have the time to get set up but it is real easy to glance at it, think you are recording, but aren't.

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ResoSummit: An Invitation from Rob Ickes

I'm posting this invitation from Rob Ickes. If you didn't get an email from Rob announcing this event, let us know at, and we'll forward the announcement to you. Stay tuned for information about additional faculty.

ResoSummit: 3 Great Days in Nashville!
with Mike Auldridge, Rob Ickes, Randy Kohrs, Michael Witcher, Andy Hall + more!

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