Let's split a room for Resosummit

Looking for someone to share off site room for resosummit.

Jerry Douglas, Andy Hall at ResoSummit 2013

ResoSummit is happy to announce two additions to this year's Summit.  

Jerry Douglas will be performing the opening show at the Station Inn, in a duo performance with Rob Ickes. (Schedule permitting, he'll also come by ResoSummit on Friday, but we can't confirm that at this time.)

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ResoSummit 2013?

Anyone heard any word yet on when signup for this will be? Last year it had already happened by now. I'm starting to get nervous that I missed it or something. Surprised

Mike Auldridge with Jimmy Heffernan

Mike Auldridge with Jimmy Heffernan

Here's a wonderful photo Brad Bechtel took at ResoSummit 2010. I love it, and so did Mike. 
Brad, I'm still stoked that you were in just the right place with your iPhone to capture this moment.



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