Mike Auldridge with Jimmy Heffernan

Mike Auldridge with Jimmy Heffernan

Here's a wonderful photo Brad Bechtel took at ResoSummit 2010. I love it, and so did Mike. 
Brad, I'm still stoked that you were in just the right place with your iPhone to capture this moment.



Tab files from my ResoSummit classes

Hi everyone, I just got back home to Alaska last night from RS and a short tour with the Kathy Kallick Band. It was a super trip and with Thanksgiving almost here I realize I have a lot to be thankful for, much of it I owe to the dobro.Smile

Anyway, during my ResoSummit classes I took a list of email addresses from folks so I could send them files of the class material handouts. I sent out a lot of emails but some of them bounced back. I hope to have a website up sometime this winter but until then, if anybody who was in a class and wants but didn't get the files, PM me here and I'll get those out to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You Tube Find (no Reso)

No Reso here, but this was like finding buried treasure, and I had to share it here.  It's almost 26 minutes long, it's incomplete, but still just amazing. I don't think I had ever seen video of Clarence White before.

ResoSummit highlights & thanks

Hard to believe that ResoSummit 2012 is over.

Highights for me:
All the Station Inn shows -- I'm still hopeful that 100% of my hearing will return from that killer show by Randy Kohrs, Jack Pearson & Friends. Randy was definitely on fire, and it's always great to see/hear Josh Shilling on keys & vocals. Jack Pearson was unbelievable. Monroeville was high-octane bluegrass, and it was great to present them in their Station Inn debut. And as for that performance by Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst -- well, there are no words in the English language adequate to describe that phenomenal performance.

The closing faculty performance -- loved it all, and it was a beautiful thing to have Michael Witcher's gorgeous take on Roxanna Waltz as the last song of ResoSummit 2012.

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