ResoSummit 2012

I just got a heads up email. Looks like tomorrow is the day!

ResoSummit Photos Now Online


ResoSummit 2011 photos are now online:

Thanks to Lee Hiers for the excellent photography.



A First-Timer, Part-Timer's Appreciation for the Summit

As someone late to the reso party and even later the Summit, I came in having only played G tuning and with a dobro bar for around a month. Also, because I was registering for a cancellation spot, I was only able to attend a smallish portion of the program due to a number of prior commitments. Because of all this, I arrived hoping that maybe I would be able to quietly suffer my 'beginnerness' in a corner somewhere and pick up a thing or two able to be some kind of reso liferaft to use until I could begin to get proficient. In just a few what-seemed-like-realllly-short hours, I was able to come away with a ton of incredibly helpful information and feedback as well as the beginnings of some great friendships. I can't even begin to imagine what the experience would have been like attending the whole program.

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ResoSummit 2011

I got to Nashville yesterday evening and am patting myself on the back for allowing an extra day to recoup from the long travel day and adjust to the time change. I left Alaska Tues night after midnight, stopped in Seattle, Oakland, San Diego and finally arrived in Nashville at around 7 pm the next day. My new friend and fellow steeler from Edmonton, Bob Blair, picked me up in style in a rented BMW, got our stuff situated and then prowled Broadway for some live music, it was a blast! We found this high energy retro country band with a wildman slapping the upright bass!

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