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What dobro (and who) on Larry Boone's 'to be with you'?

Hi everyone, does someone happen to know who plays the dobro on Larry Boone's song 'to be with you' and in particular what make (including wood being used) and model dobro is being played? I have an idea of course ;), but am anxious to know whether someone has the exact answer. Heard it on the radio this afternoon and really loved it. Thanks in advance for your reply!


Cheers, TripleD

FYI: RQ Jones on eBay

Not my auction, but it's there.


RQ Jones - $2,500


RQ Jones, solid headstock, open backed Grovers, larger body style, gone through and set up by Ivan Guernsey, new Quarterman cone, ebony capped saddles, levelled ledge, etc; twin to Mike Auldridge’s 8 string (see picture of them together), no serial number, beautiful condition, play wear on coverplate, great sound, not loud but very clean, unlike "modern" resos - very little pick and bar noise; if you liked the sound of JD's reso on "The New South" album, this is it. Supposedly originally ordered from Rudy by JD for a friend but I have no way to document the story; OHSC      $2,500.00

The Sound You Hear In Your Head

In the for sale thread for the 2004 maple 'horn, Greg Booth expressed the sentiment that his favorite period of JerryD in terms of sound was the "Scheerhorn Era."

This got me to thinking of my personal holy grail search (within certain budgetary parameters) for a new special flattop, and why I have settled on a Martin from their Custom Shop. There are obviously all kinds of great "regular" acoustic guitars out there, from larger companies, to smaller "boutique" operations along the lines of Collings, Huss & Dalton, or Bourgeois and the many one man (or woman) luthier operations.

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