Sally Van Meter

ResoSummit 2008 update

Just a quick note to report on ResoSummit 2008 (Nov. 13-16 in Nashville):

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Scheerhorn Guitar recording

OK now that it's under way, I'm working with Tim Scheerhorn & Randy Kohrs on a recording about Tim , his guitars & the effect it's had on the reso world. The proposed players are Tim Scheerhorn, Randy Kohrs, Rob Ickes, Andy Hall, Sally Van Meter, Lou Wamp, Justin Moses, Billy Cardine, Mike Witcher, Bruce Boughton, Jimmie Stewart & me. Only Scheerhorn instruments will be used, his reso-guitars, lap steel, the one banjo & the one flat top.Five or six cuts are being worked on now with the rest after the holidays. The players were told to bring any type tune they want, nothing barred.

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Report from RockyGrass

Now that I've been back a couple of days I thought I'd write a report on this year's RG. I took the academy again with SVM and Rob I. and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Rob handled the more advanced players but made sure that everybody's interests were covered. The first day he took out a pad and went around the circle asking each of us what we wanted to learn. I wasn't sure what to say at first, so I said I just want to be in your presence! I was only partially kidding, because I think some things you can learn by osmosis!

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Sally Van Meter on Jorma Kaukonen's New Album

"Stars In My Crown" came out this week, and she's great, as always. Highly recommended. Oh yeah, some guy named Ickes plays on one cut, and he's not bad either.

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