Scott Nygaard

Strong and True - played by Paolo Ercoli

4:00 minutes (3.68 MB)

This song is on the first cd "No Hurry" of guitar player Scott Nygaard. As far as I know this song is only on that cd, I don't know of any other version, maybe you know better than me. Anyway on his cd Scott use a fiddle, so it was fun for me to change the song and put the resonator instead of the fiddle.

This also was made back when I had my Trio of New Acoustic Music.


Orville Johnson-Rolling Fog

2:46 minutes (3.17 MB)

 This is a tune from an album by Sylvia Herold that I played on. She's a great singer from the Bay Area and I've had the pleasure to guest on a couple of her discs. When we were cutting this tune we didn't have a lot of time and I was learning several songs and I knew I'd heard this one before but I just couldn't place where I'd heard it. After we finished the session and I was on the plane back home it struck me that this song was on Mike Auldridge's first Dobro album, the same album that I learned to play dobro from by dropping the needle on it a thousand times and copping every note on it.

I thought " Oh sh*t! What if I played the same stuff Mike played because it's in my dobro DNA! Dang!" And I couldn't check til I got home and put on the disc. That was a long plane ride. Luckily, it turns out I played my own stuff and didn't plagerize Mike. Whew!!

Sylvia's CDs are very good and you can check them out here

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