Smith MeloBro w/ Gigbag - Price Reduced

With very mixed feelings, I'm selling my Smith MeloBro because it's not currently being played and GAS is calling. As some of you recall, no doubt, this is a reso that was made by Smith Family Music (the Melobar folks). The body is resin and is unique in both its body style, materials, and sound. It's punchy, loud, and plays well with G, D, and E tunings.

Quarterman cone, Steinberger-designed headstock, and a factory-installed Bill Lawrence pick-up. It also comes with a well-fitted Superior gigbag. I am the original owner.

Price reduced to $1200 + shipping OBO for this one. Happy to answer any questions about this guitar that I can.

(If anyone can explain to me how to post the pics upright rather than sideways, I would be most obliged! :) )


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Here's a Little Song; Duet album from Valerie Smith and Becky Buller.


Hey folks they finally got the album done, and it will be released the 9th of September.

Im playing slide on any of the tracks that have it, which is most of them. We started the album over a year ago, and Rayco sent me a koa reso and a birch weissen-style guitar to use on it, as that it was before i got the ole no 100. I used the Beard on one track, which i basically turned it into a barritone for and had unbelevably large strings on it. (the low one was a 70)

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