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Podcast #11 - Steve Toth - A History of the DOBRO

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In this episode my featured guest is the Dobro player, writer, & collector of prewar Dobros - Steve Toth. Steve has several instructional books published by Hal Leonard, and also has one of the most unique and prolific collections of prewar Dobros out there. We are going to talk all about his new book “DOBRO ROOTS”, listen to some tracks from some of his CDs, and I also wanted to take this opportunity to share Steve’s vast knowledge of the history of Prewar Dobros and some of the musicians that played them. His Book DOBRO ROOTS can be found on, and many other retail Book Stores.

Steve's Website:

His Band's Website: 

Interview with Player/Author/Collector Steve Toth on his book DOBRO ROOTS

In my latest interview at The Squareneck Journal Player/Author/Collector Steve Toth offers valuable insights into prewar wood bodied Dobros from his book - DORBO ROOTS

New Old Dobro "Coffee Table" Book by Steve Toth

Was on the JDBB awhile ago and Jerry started a thread about a new book coming out from Steve Toth. Looks and sounds great! Jerry wrote the foreward,  his comments are below from the JDBB. here is a link to the Centerstream website, I have several of their books, all very good:

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