Infamous Stringdusters doing Black Rock


All you people attending Resosummit that are taking Andy Hall's classes will sound just like this come Sunday night when you leave!!!???  He is giving the Signature Meredith a work out!!  ENJOY

Stringdusters / Andy Hall

Caught the Dusters' last night in Ann Arbor at the Ark.  Great show.

Andy was in top form...really good stuff.  He can take the dobro to some pretty amazing places with his solos.

Also made me really want a Meredith...I'll have to keep saving my pennies :)


Infamous Stringdusters, "Things that fly" is out!

-Fresh downloaded from i-tunes, playing on my laptop now. -And so far It's just so great, I had to tell someone! Very contemporary. Actually marked as "PoP" at i-tunes, not "country. 

String Dusters in Atlanta

The Dusters will be @ the Red Light Cafe MArch 28th.  How many think the bouncer shouldn't let Preston in?

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