GHS TS1600 single third strings

Hey everyone, 

       I've been playing with the GHS Tim Scheerhorn set (TS1600) for a while now after switching over from EJ42's and I really like the strings. I would like to order a bunch of single third strings (.28) so I can get more life out of each set but I'm having a hard time finding a source. I believe someone in a previous thread mentioned as a source so I emailed them - they said they don't carry single strings from that set. Any thoughts? Thanks! 

EJ42 Lifespan?

I've now had my Scheerhorn long enough to have tried a variety of string sets once or twice. EJ42s sound by far the most pleasing to my ear. That would be great except that they seem to die on me waaaaay more quickly than any other sets I've tried. Just a few hours of playing - at most - and they're goners. Anyone else having this issue? Is this simply a fluke curse of body chemistry versus string chemistry or is there something else going on I haven't figured out? In either case, have any of you found ways to nurse EJ42s to a longer, healthier life?

DR strings

Has anybody else tried DR strings?

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Curt Mangan Strings

Anyone try these.  The reso strings are 80/20 phospher bronze, 16-56.  They advertise "fusion matched".

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