Dunlop Resonator Strings

I used up the last of my string stash on the DC tour so I decided to try another brand, mainly because they are the best deal I have found. Not that I am disenchanted with the GHS 1650s and TS1600s, but I was curious to try these and the guages are what I like: 16, 18, 28, 36, 46, 56. They are the Jim Dunlop DOP1656 Resonator PHB 7/SET. For 5 or more sets they are only $4 at Elderly, with free shipping on orders of $49 or more. To get the free shipping would have meant buying 13 sets, and in case I didn't like them I opted for 8 sets, the most I could fit in the package shipping for the minimum $5.95 Priority Mail postage. Elderly shipped them right out and I received them in about 4 business days. By then my 3rd string was sounding like I had strung the guitar with Top Ramen. This evening I changed them all and had a nice long practice session. The verdict?

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What type of strings?

Hi !  I just put some D'Addario EJ42 strings on my reso and I'm pretty unhappy about their longevity, they went dead pretty quick. What have you found that sound good and last?  Any coated strings?  I prefer bronze as I’m looking for a more modern sound. Good place (cheap) to buy them? I’m not close to any big cities. They will go on my R body Scheerhorn. Thanks!

Strings (for what its worth)

For what its worth.
On the last string topic I said I was only getting 3-4 hrs out of my EJ42s on The Auldridge.
Well I put a set of Beard 29s on and I have about 7 hrs on them and they still sound sharp and crisp.
I am playing tonite probably 3hrs with the practice, then I am changing them regardless of how they sound.
I am going to burn up the EJ 42s then send for a box of 29s.
There definitely is a difference in the tone of the instrument, still sounds great!!

AMT Heads Up

While I applaud Erik Waynesmith on his efforts in research and development in refining resophonic guitar components, I have to say, his business ethics based on my own experience are wanting to say the least.

In late November/09, I read one of Erik's posts regarding his AMT spiderbridge. I have a WechterScheerhorn 6510R that I am wanting to use as a test case to see what 'bolt-on' modifcations will do for it. Erik had done some experimenting with this same model, so I contacted him to get his advice. He said the two best improvements were the AMT spiderbridge, and the Scheerhorn cone. Based on this conversation, I ordered these parts from him plus a dozen sets of GHS strings, the total coming to $268 which included $30 for Priority Mail and insurance. I sent Erik a Post Office money order on Dec 03/09, as he said he didn't use PayPal. Postal records show this money order being cashed on Dec.17/09.

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