which strings for which instrument

Hi gang,

I find it rather hard to get an overview on good strings for Dobros and Weissenborns.
So I ask you all to contribute your suggestions -
stating the type of instrument as well as brand, term and gauges of your favorites.

Maybe, we will all have a fine list in our hands.
So let's work together - thx 4 help.



AMT's New & Improved String Packaging


After coiling, packaging and shipping several hundred strings the staff at AMT has learned a great deal about issues involved in properly packaging strings to assure damage-free shipping and handling, along with maximum storage life and convenience once they're delivered to a customer.  Consequently, we've decided to invest in some specialized packaging equipment which will coil strings in a unique manner minimizing the risk of shipping or handling damage then individually vacuum-seal each string inside its own plastic bag.

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Discount GHS Reso Strings from AMT


Advanced Music Technology is now selling custom-packaged resonator guitar strings at discount prices!  We're currently offering premium quality strings manufactured by GHS, and have developed unique and innovative coiling and vacuum-sealing packaging methods which minimize risk of shipping or handling damage, while also providing long shelf life without corrosion.

For string orders of up to 12 sets shipping cost to a continental U.S. address via Priority Mail is $5.

Note: AMT-packaged GHS string sets can now be purchased with your choice of gauges for 1st and 2nd strings, at no additional cost.


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New lives for old strings

Hi folks -

While changing my strings today, I recalled that at the Strawberry Music Festival they have a box set out near the entrance to the main festival stage area. You can drop old guitar strings in there and they go to the Second Strings Project, which (somehow, beyond my understanding) gets those strings to third-world nations where guitar strings are hard to come by, and expensive when they can be gotten. Couple of questions:

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