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I like this Nati-Horn-its no DeNeve, but it's got its good qualities...

Ok, they are a little bit more expensive than a DeNeve, but this Nati-Horn Mahogany I got last week is a nice dobro. The frets are in the right places. It sounds good over a mic, and there were just  a couple of things that I think I'll modify straight out of the box.

One is, the nut is too skinny. It's only about 3/16th thick. It's been my experience that a thicker nut fattens up the tone and the volume. Just like better tuners would. Not that the standard Gotohs are bad at 16:1...the buttons on them are a little small for big fat fingers. Loren Postma told me he replaced his with a set of buttons he got from Stew Mac.

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New 'horncone install

Got a hold of a 'horncone from Elderly and put it in the other day. Piece of cake for the most part. These cones have an incredible amount of "spring" to them. When I put it in and tightened down the coverplate, the strings wouldn't clear the bottom of the handrest strap on either side. I had to put all the strings on very delicately and tighten them to tension to get clearance. Now it's fine.

Sound change over the q'man in a walnut DeNeve? Pretty significant increase in volume (like I need to be louder...ack!) as well a generally overall brighter, crisper tone all around. The bass is especially thunderous.

Pretty cool how dobros make such great noise from what is basically a a couple of beer cans, huh?

Buy one? I'd do it again.


Dobro workshops in the northwest US and southwestern British Columbia with Greg Booth and Tab Tabscott

The annual British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop in Sorrento, BC., has changed hands and is now called "NimbleFingers", run by Craig Korth.

This summer in late August, Greg Booth and Bob Hamilton will teach week 1 on the dobro, and the following week Tim Tweedale and yours truly will hold the ball for week two of the dobro workshops.

Here's a link to the website...this is an affordable alternative to flying/driving all over creation for some good bluegrass fun...


Dobro workshop in Salt Lake City March 17th

I have a dobro workshop this weekend in Salt Lake City on Saturday, the 17th. Evidently there are already about 10 people registered, but still room for a couple more. If you'd like to come, shoot me a PM. I'll also have some private one hour lesson spots available on Sunday.

I'll also be teaching (for the the 12th time) at the British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop in Sorrento, BC in August.
Other instructors this year include Greg Booth, Tim Tweedale, and Bob Hamilton. That makes me the "southerner" out of this lot...check out

I blow a lot of smoke and spread general silliness around most everywhere I go, but when it comes to dobro workshops, I don't mess around. Jokes are checked at the door.


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