Three Ring Circle

3 Ring Circle

Tonight at Barking Legs in Chattanooga at 7:30  Rob, Andy and Dave will be knocking the socks off all who attend!! Am planning to TIVO the football and be there.

Besides the wife ain't interested in the Patriots, she's a cheesehead!!

Hope to see ya there!Wink

Albums I never grow tired of listening to

Skip, Hop, and Wobble - Jerry Duglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer  - love every tune!

Strength in Numbers - Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Mark O'Conner and Edgar Meyer - same!

Not all Who Wander are Lost - Chris Thile, with  Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Bryan Sutton, Byron House, Sean $ Sara Watkins, Jeff Coffin - I am requesting at any memorial service held for me that an excellent sound system is rented, and everyone has to sit still and listen to "Raining at Sunset."  What a journey that song takes me on!  But every tune is outstanding.  Love the almost classical vibe of a lot of this album.

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3 Ring Circle Made In France

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This is easily one of the coolest tunes I've ever had the chance to hear a dobro player do! You go Rob!!!! Incidentally I've learned the tune to play with a piano player & bass player I do some jazz gigs with!

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