D'Addario NS Micro Tuner

Just got the new NS Micro Tuner by D'Addario, $20.  It's pretty sweet and it is really inconspicuous.  It's always bugged me having a big tuner contraption on the peghead of my beautiful baby.  So far, it seems to work really well.  I'll be a jam tomorrow night and I'll see how it really works, and will file a report if there are any glitches.

While pondering 440 tuning, I googled up this:


Let the conspiracy debate begin!!!Cool

Da Tuner

My Droid X crapped on me last week, had to get a replacement, and as I started uploading all the apps, came across DaTuner.  Free app, with a BIG display.  Pretty cool. . . .and FREE.

Peterson StroboClip Tuner - HillBenders at IBMA

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If you guys haven't tried one of these tuners yet, you need to. I LOVE mine. two different tuning presets for dobro. 

Peterson StroboStomp- Used


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Hey y'all. i'm selling my Peterson StroboStomp Tuner/DI Box. Its been used on the road, but is still in good working shape. Its the older blue model. The pic here is of a new blue one, not mine (digital camera in the van).

How about the first $100 plus shipping gets it.

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