Tutbro Sessions

Orville Johnson-Oconee

5:20 minutes (4.89 MB)

Some of you resonationals have seen the youtube of this song that BillyC and I did at Tut's place (In the Tutbro thread). I was visiting Tut to gather material for an article I'm writing about him and before I left home I made a version of this tune arranged for dobro. He wrote it on mandolin and its on the HDS session album. i played it for him and he was tickled to hear it as a dobro piece. Billy came up one day and we were hanging out and picking some and while Tut was out of the room for a minute we started fooling with this tune and Billy copped the harmony line. When Tut came back in he loved hearing it and insisted we video it and throw it up on youtube.

We had a great visit and Tut is very excited about the release of the tribute disc (entitled "Southern Filibuster-a tribute to Tut Taylor). So am i and I think Randy, Billy, JerryD, and  everyone else who played on it would say the same.

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