Wechter Scheerhorn

Lubos Novotny & Druha Trava performing at Obama's Prague appearance

Check out these pics of Lubos Novotny and Druha Trava, performing in Prague for Obama's appearance there!  (April 5, 2009)  This has to be one of the biggest live audiences ever for the dobro! Check out the whole album and the related NPR story: http://tinyurl.com/DruhaTrava-ObamaLubos used his Rob Ickes model W-S for this performance. 

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New Cone for Wechter Scheerhorn??

Hey everybody, I'm looking at getting a new cone for my Wechter Scheerhorn, and I have no clue what is even out there. Any recommendations?





Different baffles and there effects

I've been seeing/reading a lot of stuff about baffles in resos. So what's the deal, theres one in my wechter scheerhorn, would installing a baffle in say, a Beard with no baffle make it sound better? My student has a very nice Fishook and it's baffle resembles a clear plastic soundwell, in no way resembling the scheerhorn design? Which are the best types of baffles in your experiences? Or are they even worth having?

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