Wechter Scheerhorn

Wechter Scheerhorn Rob Ickes model Soundclip

1:28 minutes (1.34 MB)

The Ickehorn for my friend just arrived. As promised attached a sample of it. I made this quick recording before handing over the guitar to my friend.
I chose the same tune and signal chain like on my Scheerhorn rosewood/spruce soundclip. So you can directly compare both instruments.

Panhandle Rag W/S Elite

1:32 minutes (1.41 MB)

I've made another home recording of my W/S Elite 9520 with my son, Dan Booth on bass and rhythm guitar. AKG C1000S and Firebox with Cool Edit Pro. Here W/S stands for Western Swing! Hope you all like it.

...the best WORKIN' MAN's "dobro"...

...in my opinion, "hand's down": the W/S Rob Ickes sig model...at about $1100, cannot in no way and no how be topped at this juncture...(this is only my opinion...and, I post same arrived at opinion in that I have owned (or do own) and/or have tried pretty much them all...rez

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