SO,...where is the "hotbed" of all things Dobro I once knew?

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I take a small vacation (four years plus) and sign back up a few weeks ago and this is like the "Old Folks Home".  Nothing happening....


I'm thinkin' I need to stir the pot!!!





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Good to see you back, Doug!  I am hoping things pick back up at some point, but things have slowed down here quite a bit.  There have been several members here that have tried stoking the fires here to get some discussion going but to no avail.

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Good idea to have a little stimulus . Have you gotten any new instruments in the last four years?

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Actually sold all but two.  Kept the Wishlist Scheerhorn and the walnut/spruce Meredith.  Both wonderful guitars.

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Good to see you back Doug!

As I've written in the past, folks who have since joined Resohangout come on here, take a look, then go back to the hangout and rag about how not much is going on in the 'nation.

But they don't post anything here to stimulate discussion. Now this is the epitome of "your vote matters."  If you sign off and contribute zero then go elsewhere online - you're not using your "power of the vote."

What keeps Resohangout going and some of the Facebook dobro pages active is a fairly constant influx of newbies asking veterans questions, who respond in kind. Some of us have answered those questions many times over - after all - there are just so many topics under the sun one can discuss on a reso forum. 

I have been saying for years, though rocket science it isn't, apparently joinng up here on the 'nation isn't the easiest thing to accompiish for the first time visitor. Then there's the minimum financial outlay of $6 per year (or a whopping 50 cents a month). I guess that's enough to scare people off so they stick with the hangout. Shoot - it costs me $7.75 to drive over The Golden Gate Bridge, so $6 per annum on Reso-Nation is a steal!

But nizagara this final point IMO is the real problem which could easily be fixed if Brad Harper would choose to do it. If one is a visitor and you come here to check out the forum, correct me if I'm wrong - but when you click on a topic all you can see is the original post. I believe this puts a damper on having new folks sign up for a membership. I think we would see some "new blood" among the membership if vistiors could read the entire thread. But they shouldn't be able to post here until they actually become a card carrying member.

If visitors could read an entire thread, it might be a little like the music industry equivalent of giving away a free download of a song before prednisone a group's next CD is released. It would help stimulate interest among first or second time vistiors, then they might be more likely to sign up and get out the credit card to jump onboard.  



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Well put, Mark.  That is a good idea and nobody really has anything to lose by trying it.  

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thumbs up here.


Like a pet monkey, a banjo seems like a good idea at first.

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Doug have you been woodsheddin' for the past 4 years? If so, you should be a monster player by now.


I've been away for quite a while too.  Glad to see that a lot of you are still here.


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Doug are you going to Resogat?  If so look forward to seeing you again.

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