Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals can join Reso-Nation as members or subscribers.

Members: With a site membership (free) you can view all news, forum, classifieds, images, audio and video topics.  You can also read comments on topics in the 'Whatever' and 'Sponsors' forums.

Subscribers: With a site content subscription (yearly subcription fee), in addition to the above access, you can download audio, post classifieds, and read/post comments to all topics in all areas of the site.

Currently, the only guidelines are to give as much information (title, description, etc.) as possible.  Tagging audio also provides a means for organization and viewing.  Migrating the audio from our old "Sound Bites" forum basically duplicated each recording's presence on the site.  Currently they are listed under "Audio" as well as in their original respective topics.  Eventually the Audio format files will link back to thier legacy discussion and the sound bites forum will be deprecated.  Any new audio should be posted as an audio type (Main Menu => Create Content => Audio) and not in the forum.

  • The dialogue bubble with the thumb tack means "sticky" and remains at the top of the listing.
  • The one with the star means "new."
  • The one with the lock means "closed."
  • The one that looks like a pile of them means "hot"

After several irritating variants for adding an image to a forum, audio or classifieds posting (note: different than adding an image to a gallery), we've settled on the following functionality modeled after the popular Wordpress format.

When posting a new topic or listing, click on the 'Add Image' section below the post text area. 

You'll see two tabs 'Upload' and 'Browse'. 

To post a new image:

  1. On the upload tab select the browse button to the right of the 'Image file' field. 
  2. Change the thumbnail, Title or Description and click the 'UPLOAD' button below the 'Description ' text area.  
  3. Once uploaded, the 'Browse' tab will now be highlighted and you'll see a thumbnail of the new image. 
  4. You can now select alignment, size and if/how the image should be linked.


  • None - center the image.
  • Float Left - Align the image to the left.
  • Float Right - Align the image to the right.


  • Full size - show the image at full size in the posting.
  • Thumbnail - show the image at thumbnail size in the posting.
  • Title - show just the title of the image in the posting.


  • None - the image will not be linked.
  • File - the image will link to the actual image file.
  • Page - the image will link to a page featuring the image.
  • Lightbox - the image will be linked to a Lightbox show of the fullsize.


Click 'INSERT IMAGE' to add the image to your post.  'EDIT IMAGE' will allow you to edit the image settings.  'DELETE IMAGE' will allow you to remove the image.



A: To add an image, follow these steps.

  1. Click on "Create Content" in the main menu at the top right of the page...
  2. On the next page, click on "Image"...
  3. On the next page, enter a titleenter the gallery you'd like the image to appear in...
    Also note, as you type, existing gallery names will autocomplete for your convenience.  Please capitalize the first letter of the gallery name and check for spelling errors.  The content of the site is indexed off of these tags and people searching for "Scheerhorn" won't see this image if it's tagged "Sheerhorn"
  4. Click the "Browse" button and locate the image on your computer...
  5. Add any body text you'd like to display with the image...
  6. Click "Preview" to verify the display or "Submit" to post the image.

Subscribers can add listings to the classifieds by choosing Main Menu => Create => Buy/Sell Listing.  Fill in item, type, status (used for ending a listing), appropriate tags and a description.  As long as the status is set to 'Available' the listing will show up in the main classifieds list.

Members can list a show, workshop, gathering or any other event related to the resophonic guitar market by Main Menu => Create => Resophonic Event.  Enter an event name, time, location and description.  Please consider the timezone set in your user profile when entering date/time.  The site's timezone is US/EST - and any date/time entry will be converted to display in the calender in EST.

For location, a google maps link works well.


To post a youtube video you need to find the url of the video to post.  When viewing a video on youtube, there are two text boxes near the video information:  one titled URL,  one titled Embed.  Both contain the same url, but the URL variant is easiest to work with.  The url will be in one of these formats:

The portion highlighted in bold is the movie id.  To embed a youtube video here, simply wrap the id in youtube tabs like this:



  1. Check that the url is still valid
  2. Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed.  More info here.

The Main Menu => Recent main menu link will take you to a listing of all recent content by type.

The "Latest Topics" block on the right side bar will list the latest 5.  The "more" link at the bottom of that block will show the detailed listing.

What are tags? Tags are simply a way to describe the key or noteworthy elements within a segment of content on the site.  Content can be in the form of a forum topic, a classified ad, an audio or video file, an image, or a news item.  Tags allow users to mark content in an organized way.  

When to use tags?  Whenever the content describes or relates to an important topic, tag it.  If you think you or others would like to be able to see, read, hear or watch a particular piece of content - mark it with the appropriate terms.  You can use tags solely as a means to organize content that you are interested in, or you can also use them to make a particular content popular.  The more tags applied to content, and specifically the more exact tags applied to content by different users, the more popular it becomes.  Remember, using too many tags or using tags that aren't specific enough is ineffective for marking popular content because in order for the particular content to become popular, the tags need to be similar to, if not exactly like tags that others have chosen. 

Unfortunately, like most powerful internet concepts, the legitimacy of tagging can be undermined by self-promotive over-tagging.  Excessive, self-promotive, or inappropriate tagging nizagara will not be tolerated. 

How to tag?  The following guidelines will make our tags more accurate and reliable.  Remember, tags get picked up by Google and other search engines, so it's in all prednisone our best interest for them to be correct! 

  • Try to use existing tags if possible.  We have several hundred already.
  • If you think a new tag is absolutely necessary, make sure you capitalize the first letter of words (Camel  Case), and avoid spelling errors (Scheerhorn not Sheerhorn). 
  • Try to use single words. 
  • Avoid prepositions.    


More info on tagging in general found here.


Alternate login is a convenience tactic.  Users can enter an alternate login username that will work as their username site credential.  This can be useful for those who have a favorite username they like to use on many sites and would like the convenience of using it on reso-nation.  Also, for those who'd like to convert their username to their real name (which we'd love for you to do) you can simply set the alternate login to your legacy username so you can continue logging in with the name you are used to.  The alternate login can be any name, email address, etc.  For example, if my username has been bdictator for years but I would like to move to my full name 'Benevolent Dictator', I can simply change my username to 'Benevolent Dictator' and set my alternate login to bdictator.  I can still login with my old name (and restrict it's usage since all usernames and alternate logins must be unique) but display my full name.


Contact us here.

The default organization of upoaded images (different from attached images) is by user.  They can also be organized by any tags applied by any user.

To view by user navigate to the desired users profile and select the "Check out {user}'s gallery" link.

To view by tag navigate to{tag} .  For example, images tagged "meredith" can be viewed by navigating to

A:They are linked from your user profile page. Yours is here.

  1. Click on any username to view the profile
  2. Under the History Section => Images => Check out...

Signatures are set under Main Menu => My Account => Edit => Comment Settings / Signatures.  Signatures will only show up once per topic.

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