Study Dobro at NashCamp Bluegrass Week 2018

Study Dobro at NashCamp Bluegrass Week 2018

The camp is sold out but there is still room for a few more Dobro students. NashCamp is one of the premier bluegrass music camps in the country and offer a top-notch staff. Study Dobro in the mornings and then take an elective and band lab each afternoon. All students will get to perform on stage at the world famous Station Inn in Nashville. In addition, NashCamp’s gourmet meals are catered by the Mad Platter Restaurant of Nashville and comfortable lodging is also available. Instruction is provided by former Special Consensus member and veteran peformer Keith Baumann.

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Phil Leadbetter Master Class @ Joe Val Festival

Uncle Phil Leadbetter will be at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival (Boston area) February 18-19. He'll play The Whites Saturday night, and on Friday he's offering a 4-hour master class. Contact Phil directly at [email protected] (or on FaceBook) for more information and to register.

SOLD -- Mike Auldridge DVD/BV-1 Lesson

Topics covered: Tuning, picks, steel bar types, picking techniques, bar control, bar & palm blocking, forward & reverse rolls, music theory, chord construction and location, scale patterns, playing in different keys, minor keys, playing fast tunes w/ HO & PO, sliding harmonics.

Like new condition. 

90 minutes.    PayPal, check, MO.

SOLD -- Jerry Douglas Dobro Techniques VHS

Consider this the cheapest nizagara lesson your ever going to have and with Jerry Douglas no less. He covers proper right and left hand positions, pull-offs, hammer-ons, right hand rolls, forward and reverse rolls, banjo rolls, string pulls, picking sequences, how to string rolls together and much more. For most mortals all of this will take a life time.

VHS is in excellent condition. $12.50 + $3.50 prednisone shipping.

PayPal, check, mo.

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