Direct Box Question - Nashville Pickup

Hello to all...been a while since I've posted anything here!


Do any of you have insight/experience with the smaller Radial DI boxes (J48, StageBug, etc)??  I currently have the PZ-Pre, and while awesome, I'm considering a smaller footprint given I play more lap/Tele than dobro these days and could use the pedalboard space.


Obviously I'd lose the mute switch and eq capabilities, but I'm really curious if the simpler DI could still fit the bill as far as boosting the signal effectively.  If so, J-48 or Stage Bug (similar but for piezo pickups with high-pass filter and 180 polarity switch)?


Thoughts? Experience?


Thanks in advance for any feedback!



Preamp with Aura

I was lucky enough to be sitting up front in the Station Inn the other night when Rob and Trey were playing (thanks to Brad Bechtel). I noticed that in addition to his Aura Rob had the Fishman eq. Just wondering if aybody is using this, and if so what do you think of it?

Currently I have an Aura and a spectrum in series because I often double acoustic, and I just bipass one for the other as needed. Wondered what the advantages are to the eq.

Pedalboard Pre-Amp/DIs' Pros and Cons

I'm putting together a small pedalboard and can use some input on preamps/DIs...

I know that the Radial PZ-Pre has nizagara gotten good reviews here but then I have also read a lot of comments from folks who don't like its sound. So, what are you all using and what has your experience been?

I'm using the Fishman Nashville pickup and JD prednisone Aura pedal and don't need to to have a rig where I can use more than one instrument. What I do need is for it to play well with effects pedals and, ideally, have both a pre and post effects low Z send. A dedicated tuner out would also be helpful. Most important to me, though, will be the combination of sound quality and durability.

Who's got ideas?

About preamps (Fishman JD Aura and Tonebone PZ-Pre)

Like many folks who play with a pickup, I have a Fishman and a JD Aura Imaging pedal. I run mine through a few other things, and then out through a Radial JDI.  It seems to work fine, and the simplicity of the passive DI is convenient.  I notice a lot of people here like the Tonebone PZ-Pre, which is also by Radial, and I must say it looks nice and fancy.  I can see that the EQ would be great to have, along with the two inputs, separate monitor and main XLR out, effects loop, and notch filter.  But the JD Aura already has something of a pre-amp.  Even if the pre-amp in the PZ-Pre is better, do you use it much?  Do you:

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