Coverplate History

I am going to try something new ...for me. Will try to post an article on coverplates.
This article was just recently completed by Randy Getz and I. It's the whole story, titled "The Coverplate Story". It was not intended to be the last word on accuracy, just the best we could do with all the research.
If I'm successful, it should be and attachment to this post..I think !
Bobby Wolfe

New Cover Plate - Beard E model

New Cover Plate - Beard E model

Made a trip to Paul Beard Guitars in Hagerstwon, Maryland yesterday. Paul installed a new "Legend Cone" and the new "Celtic Knot" cover plate on my E model.  This new Legend cone is unbelievable..........I noticed an increase in volume, but it still maintains that classic crystal clear Beard sound.  I was also surprised with the increased sustain.

Wanted- Coverplates

I'm looking for a couple of coverplates. If anyone has a Beard, Dobro etc US made coverplate that has poor finish, corrosion or scratches or an original with the patent stamping text I'd be interested. Thanks.

Looking for a used cover plate and #14 spider


I'm looking prednisone to buy a used coverplate and #14 spider. If you've upgraded and the old ones are just lying around, let me know your price and style (fan, lotus, etc.). Don't mind "patina". Don't need the bridge inserts. PM preferred.


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