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Jerusalem Ridge

It's time to tackle this one.  Does anyone have a link to tab, or a favorite reso version?  Thanks for any help.

Dave Giegerich CD "It's About Time"

I haven't seen anybody here mention the long-awaited release of the late Dave Giegerich's excellent CD "It's About Time."  I just got my copy and it's wonderful, with a wide variety of styles and backing musicians including David Grier, Cathy Fink, Jimmy Gaudreau, Ricky Simpkins, Marcy Marxer, and many others.  This is not a weepy retrospective, but a vital project, full of life and humor (just like Dave).  If you knew Dave, you've got to hear this.  If you didn't know him, here's your chance.  I met him in the 80s and even then he had this tendency to never cheat on a melody but to find ways to express the full tune, before he began improvising and riffing on it.  An incredible musician.  Dave's wide ranging musical tastes are all here: bluegrass, jazz, Hawaiian, fiddle tunes, and originals.  It's really good to hear Dave play again.  Highly recommended.


Jim N.

Excellent City Paper article on Dave Giegerich + Upcoming Shows

From Baltimore City Paper today, in part to publicize two upcoming Dave Giegerich memorial shows (April 29, Creative Alliance at the Patterson, and June 19, Birchmere).  The article also includes a wonderful description of Dave Giegerich's memorial service, his, life, and his music. Great quotes from Mike Auldridge and Pam McLeod.  ResoSummit is very grateful to have had two wonderful years with Dave's participation, and articles like this help preserve his memory for all of us.

Original article is here:  http://citypaper.com/music/the-slide-man-1.1137713

The Slide Man:  Versatile, joyous musician Dave Giegerich remembered through a pair nizagara of memorial shows

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Smooth Kentucky with prednisone Dave Giegerich - "She Belongs To Me"

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