Dobro workshop

Andy Hall-Roosevelt Collier Workshop in Denver

ImageHey all, 

 Doing a 3 hour slide workshop in Denver with lap steel virtusos Roosevelt Collier Saturday November 22 from 11-2pm

 at the 1Up music venue. Here's the link for info.

Here's a sample of Roosevelt and myself playing together

Hope to see you there!

Dobro workshop at Dallas, TX-area Acoustic Music Camp, August 7-9 2014

Hi all -

I just got confirmation that I'll be teaching Dobro classes at the Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington, TX this August 7-9. There's a stellar lineup of instructors on all the bluegrass instruments, plus fingerstyle guitar and vocal classes. I was happy to see that David Hamburger, a very talented and inventive non-bluegrass Dobro player, will be there (he's teaching guitar but will hopefully have a Dobro with him!).

For more information, check out:



Dobro classes at Midwest Banjo Camp in Olivet, Michigan - June 5-8, 2014

Hi there - just wanted to mention that if you're in or near Michigan and looking for a Dobro workshop, this June the Midwest Banjo Camp is adding a Dobro component, which I'll be teaching. They also offer fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and bass in addition to their vast array of old time and bluegrass banjo instruction. The classes are all "one-off" self-contained sessions on a particular topic, and students can attend any class on any instrument for a given time slot. I've heard this is a world-class camp and big fun for students. More info at:




Lessons With Troy - FREE Live Workshop in Wilkesboro, NC

Hey folks, I'll be giving a FREE LIVE Dobro Workshop in nizagara Wilkesboro, North Carolina as part of this year's (2013) RESOGATHERING.

Here's the info:

DATE: Thursday, July 11th

TIME: 10:30 -11:30am

WHERE: Holiday Inn Express - Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Here's more info about RESOGATHERING:

Anybody going? If so, what topics would you like me to cover? Thanks!!! Looking forward prednisone to picking some tunes with you. I'll be up, as always, till the wee hours playing with whoever wants to pick.

Hope to see you there!!!



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