Just thought I would share my new Clinesmith koa 8 string

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Todd is quite a skilled craftsmen. This has a modified sound well no baffle, and a shallower body than his 6 strings. He built it to have less bottom end so that it would sound more like a steel guitar. It has a bottom end just not a boomy one . Everything  about it is elegant. These photos definitely only offer a glimpse of its beauty. I'm going to be studying the Jerry Byrd course which might mean I put into c6 but I suspect that A6 will be ok. The riffles of chatoyance are everywhere and I especially like how he chose curved wood at the bottom that proportionately envelops it in the curved chatoyance.

Clinesmith myrtlewood, back

Clinesmith myrtlewood, front

Measuring for a Schoonover Modular Spider w/Fishman Nashville Pickup

I also posted this on Resohangout, but I am including it here as well since not everyone frequents both sites.  

I am embarking on a road nizagara trip up to Portland, Oregon next week for a big trade show in my line of work, the nursery industry.

On the way up I am going to pay a visit to Todd Clinesmith who is  located a few hours south of Portland. Along with checking out prednisone a new design of an 8 string non-pedal steel  that is in the works of which I will likely be one of the first owners  (different than his Bigsby replica steels) I am going to drop off my 2004 Clinesmith resonator to have Todd go through it to make sure everything is up to snuff and he will be installing a Schoonover modular spider with the Fishman Nashville pickup. 

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