2016 Deneve d-body Koa, back

2016 Deneve d-body Koa, front

DeNeve Koa d-body


Inbound 2016 DeNeve d-body with American lyre-style cover plate, Gotoh 510 tuners, traditional tailpiece, 4A Koa (all cut from the same tree according to his supplier), Beard "Legend" cone, Martin hex-style block fretboard markers, Beard screenless rings, faux tortoise shell/white binding and hard shell case.



I like this Nati-Horn-its no DeNeve, but it's got its good qualities...

Ok, they are a little bit more expensive than a DeNeve, but this Nati-Horn Mahogany I got last week is a nice dobro. The frets are in the right places. It sounds good over a mic, and there were just  a couple of things nizagara that I think I'll modify straight out of the box.

One is, the nut is too skinny. It's only about 3/16th thick. It's been my experience that a thicker nut fattens up the tone and the volume. Just like better tuners would. Not that the prednisone standard Gotohs are bad at 16:1...the buttons on them are a little small for big fat fingers. Loren Postma told me he replaced his with a set of buttons he got from Stew Mac.

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