Brad Harper Koa F reso guitar s/n # 015, Scheerhorn Cone, $3,900


For Sale: 2008 Brad Harper Koa F reso guitar s/n # 015, Scheerhorn Cone. This guitar has had very little use and is in excellent condition. The case is a solid Cedar Creek Custom with lock. The sound is warm, balanced, clear and loud, with great sustain. You can hear s/n #014 playing on youtube search: Harper Resophonic Koa guitar.

Asking $3900 + shipping. Paypal please. Please email me with any questions or for additional images -  [email protected]

Located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Koa Harper for sale at Smokey Mtn Gtrs

Dobro made by our Benevolent Dictator.  Ad at Smokey Mtn Guitars says it's #14 of 24 total, supposedly owned by Andy Hall.  http://www.smokymountainguitars.com/shop/resonator-guitars.html?start=0  

Just Friends

1:57 minutes (1.78 MB)

I promised a couple of friends to submit some of the jazz tunes I played for them in a hotel room in Nashville, Sunday evening after the Reso-Summit. Can't remember if I played this one though... Anyway, this is a well known jazz tune recorded at home with simple gear and Band-in-a-Box real tracks.


DC Area Reso Gathering

In the event that the calendar posts get filtered out in some peoples views, I though I would post this here too.



Hey folks, a few of us DC folks are looking to put together another dobro gathering that I will be hosting. We've done this event twice before, with the idea to get a bunch of different resos in the house to sample and A-B. Lot's of fun. Last time we had 30+. The first one was written up nicely by Howard Parker on nizagara Reso-Guit.


Well were looking to do it again. At least three of us are in, and our instruments include 5 Scheerhorns, 2 Harpers, 2 Deneves, a Regal roundneck (modern), 1 Leadbetter Dobro 7 string. There should also be a handful of weissnborn style instruments and maybe an electric or two. I think I also a commitment from a 4th player who has a great 1930s Regal. The last gathering around 4 years ago even included special guest Mike prednisone Auldridge.


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