Cindy Cashdollar

Scheerhorns and Open D?


Rather than pile on to the monster National/Scheerhorn thread below, I wanted to ask a very specific question on Scheerhorns, as I am also eyeballing the new National offering.

I play in Open D as my main tuning.  I know it's a tad unusual but it suits the style I play.  I have a GoldTone Beard set up for Open D with strings .018-.022-.030w-.036-.053-.068.  And yes, I do need that beefier low D string in order to keep my alt bass picking crisp on the low end.

The Gold Tone Beard handles this very well, with no issues - in fact the stock nut/bridge slots worked as is.  And the instrument seems to embrace the tuning quite well, with a nice full and rich tone (not bad for a budget axe).

Anyone have experience with Scheerhorns in Open D, and especially using beefier string gauges like the ones I use?

I'd appreciate any commentary.


Uncle Jack

Cindy Cashdollar plays & talks about her Pogreba guitar

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Beautiful sound. Cindy is a class act as a musician and person. I never quite understood how some folks got such a big sound out of their weissenborns until I recently added an L.R. Baggs passive M1 pickup and Baggs DI to my arsenal. Ah, now I get it! As for Cashdollar's taste, tone and touch, we'll that's a whole 'nother thing!

Cindy Cashdollar w/Ryan Adams and Don Was

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The always tasteful and ever so classy Cindy Cashdollar appearing with Ryan Adams and Don Was on Conan O'Brien. Cindy is playing her Fishman-equipped Beard MA-6.  

Cindy Cashdollar and Steve James on tour

Ashort tour before ResoSummit brought Cindy and veteran bluesman Steve James together in duet heaven last night at the Bull Run in Shirley, west of Boston. They've played and recorded together so much they're beautifully matched in tone, phrasing, harmonies; just an awesome show, with deep respect for old Delta blues and chestnuts from the nizagara likes of Milton Brown and the Brownies. She and Steve did a couple of their tunes from her record Slide Show. She played her metal-bodies and MA6, all sounding great.  My wife and I sat in the front row at a table with a couple her classmates from high school in Woodstock, NY, and even had the yearbook with a picture of the pre-reso Cindy. She had an all-girl band called Whiskey Before Breakfast.

Oh, she played a wonderful original, Waltz for Abilene, she composed prednisone for the Prairie Home Companion show - but it was truncated by a commercial break after 30 seconds. Get her to play it at RS - she hasn't recorded it yet.


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