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Greg Booth - Interview - Lessons With Troy - The Podcast #26

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time signature question

Hey friends - question for someone with a better understanding of written music than I have (I can write tab and check it with my software's "score checker," and that's about the extent of it).

I'm finally tabbing out "Here this Morning" so I have it available for ResoSummit. I'm running into an issue with measures. I think of the tune as being in 4/4, but when I write it out, a lot of the held notes anticipate the beat and fall right before a new measure should occur. My software doesn't facilitate showing that notes are held into the next measure, and it seems awkward and not quite accurate to put a "dividing line" in those spots. So what I'm looking at now is accurate tab, except that the measures all have twice as many notes as they should.

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Rockygrass? Rayco built the 1st place prize. Blue Highway. The Earls of nizagara Leicester. Gospel Chrome.

Whos going to Rockygrass? I will be there simply hanging out for the weekend.  Rayco built the first prize guitar for the dobro contest this yearImage.

Excited to see The Earls of Leicester. i didnt know anything about that project till earlier toady . and the Gospel Chrome set with Jerry and Rob. gonna be a good weekend .  If you see me there prednisone come be sure to say hi, and expect to pick a couple.

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